Powerful Software for
Member-Based Non-Profits

The first all-in-one solution designed for member-based non-profits to manage memberships, programs & events, facility rentals, donations, volunteers and more.

Say goodbye to generic software and manual tasks

Transform your organization with Communal’s all-in-one non-profit platform – packed with features and integrations for memberships, programs & events, volunteering, donations, and facility rentals.

Experience the magic of streamlining your operations and say goodbye to the hassle of manually connecting different areas.

Member Management

Build memberships that automatically renew, generate custom membership cards for your members, and create geo-fenced plans based on user addresses.

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Program & Event Management

Communal's highly flexible program module can handle anything from one-day only events all the way up to your more complex soccer registration.

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Facility Management

Keep track of your bookings, offer discounted member pricing to members, generate invoices to collect payment, and so much more.

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Donor & Volunteer Management

Collect volunteer signups for one-time or recurring events. Donations are made easy through Communal with tax receipts automatically generated upon donation.

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Life with Communal

Improved Organization

No more messy reporting or missed membership purchases. Easily keep track of all your data and access it from anywhere.

Save Time, Prevent Burnout

    We know your time is limited - so why waste it on tasks that our software can automate. Communal does the boring work and lets you focus on the ideas that matter.

    Focus on Growth

    Communal can help grow your membership retention rate, increase event participation, and streamline your facility rentals.

    Everyone Loves Communal

    Communal helps non-profits and community focused organizations improve revenues and increase efficiencies. Just read what some of our users have to say below.

    ”Revenue from membership sales and renewals increased, and we save a significant amount of staff time and paperwork. The customer service is outstanding and the team at Communal continues to add helpful features.”
    Renee D.
    North Glenmore Park Community Association

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