Why Communal

Communal is designed to tackle the modern problems member-based organizations face today. Below are a few reasons why communities continue to choose our software.

Your best interest in mind

We put your experience at the heart of everything we do. We strive to gain a better understanding of how we can help organizations best serve their communities. We make sure you know we care and work every day to ensure you are not only satisfied, but thrilled to be using Communal.

Made for community managers

We are focused on crafting solutions specifically for organizations that provide services to a community of people. Our all-in-one software is built specifically to solve the exact problems you encounter while running your community. From creating a high retaining membership program to ensuring your facilities operate smoothly, we’ve done it all and there is no solution out there that will better match your needs.

Easy to implement & use

We know moving to a new solution can seem like a daunting experience. This is why we help you step out of your comfort zone without sacrificing the data and information you’ve worked hard to collect. Our goal is to preserve what you have now and bring it to a solution that will help your community realize its full potential.

Support every step of the way

Throughout our partnership, you will have direct access to a team that provides best practices, insights, and complete support to help you launch, and grow. You’ll never feel alone with Communal on your team.

"The customer service is outstanding and the team at Communal continues to add helpful features."

Renee Desroches
North Glenmore Park Community Association

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