Who We Help

Communal is specifically designed to power organizations that serve a community. Whether that is a neighborhood, cultural center, or local non-profit working towards a common cause.

Our mission is to help you utilize software to foster community and create a greater sense of belonging among your members.

Community Associations & Leagues

Communal helps you automatically collect yearly membership dues, manage your community hall and tennis courts with ease, and run your events without a hiccup.

Cultural Associations & Clubs

Stay connected with your members. Communal can offer member-only pricing on events and facility bookings to help your members feel rewarded for being part of your community.

Non-Profit Organizations

Communal can help improve volunteer organization, reduce volunteer burnout, and helps collect donations online with our volunteering and donation modules.

Senior Centres & Groups

The way of the future is paperless and digital. Ensure your organization provides an easy-to-use online solution for your members so you don't get left behind.

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