Programs & events built for communities

Capture all the information you need from your participants and easily allow them to pay online for all your community programs & events.

Highly configurable

Whether your program is for kids, adults, seniors, or all of the above, Communal allows you to create detailed programs & events that collect all the right information from your participant.

  • Limit signups and create waitlists
  • Membership only prices
  • Waiver integration
  • Private member events

Simplify payments

Save time by processing your payments online, removing the need to collect cash and cheques. If you do need to handle offline payments, no problem. You can track who has paid through your online attendee list.

Reward your members

Increase your membership sales by offering your members special benefits on programs and events.

  • Member-only programs
  • Provide discounts to members
  • Display member savings to non-members

Waiver integration

Communal allows you to upload custom waivers and associate them with programs & events to ensure they are acknowledged before registration is completed.

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